T&C Stainless - Quality Control

Tank InspectionQuality craftsmanship is important in every step of the fabrication process. By purchasing only the finest materials and components from reputable suppliers, we are able to maintain a consistently high level of quality in all of our products.

Our expert craftsmen are highly skilled in the welding and finishing techniques required to produce durable, efficient processing vessels. Our Quality Team closely monitors, inspects, and tests each product as it moves through the various manufacturing stages, ensuring you receive a durable product that will provide years of trouble-free service.

All of our pressure equipment is ASME Section VIII, Div.1 Certified and registered with the National Board. We can also provide you with MOM, CE and CRN registrations.

We provide our customer with the following in-house testing and certifications:

  • Liquid Penetrant Testing to ASME Section VIII, Div.1 and Section V requirements
  • Drainage testing
  • Hydro-testing
  • Ra readings for mechanical polished and Electropolished finishes
  • Sprayball testing using Riboflavin with PSI and GPM rates
  • Alloy Quality Assurance and Control using a Niton XL2 Analyzer.

If necessary these tests can be customized and additional testing can be done to meet any requirements the customer might need.

Quality Control Improvements

We understand in today’s market that a vessel is only as good as it’s documentation. That is why T&C has made the decision to invest in two new products, and a Niton XL2 Analyzer, to help differentiate us from our competition

autoTOP is an advanced methodology that delivers verifications and T.O.P.’s the way they should be. The result is project execution efficiency and enhanced compliance for our customers. The program is designed to deliver varying VDR/TOP requirements in accordance with solid internal GEP/BPE practices and workflows, while tightly tied to key principles of modern guidance from ASTM E2500.

Major Benefits to T&C Customers:
ASTM E2500 Verification practices are followed and are an integral part of our manufacturing environment

  • Real time entry of documents and required VDR information into the system.
  • Verification procedures reduce 'discrepancies' before they could become deviations.
  • Verification delivers faster IQ, while Life Cycle Data is captured.
  • T&C stands ready for Subject Matter Expert (SME) Audit & Certification

Web Enabled:

  • Client document review prior to FAT.
  • Reduce FAT duration reducing cost and schedule impact.
  • Enhanced future accessibility of TOP content by improved archiving system.

Fully indexed and searchable PDF TOP file is an automatic push button away. Efficient adaptation to varying VDR requirements from clients.

Indexed and searchable PDF TOP file

For more information on autoTOP go to www.cpfs.com

The Niton XL2 Analyzer has vastly improved our Quality Assurance and Control program. Wrong or out-of-specification metal alloys can lead to premature and potentially catastrophic equipment failures that can be both expensive and dangerous. The current emphasis on ISO certifications and 100% quality testing, and an increased regulatory environment demand that any and all material discrepancies be found and corrected. Supplier documentation alone cannot provide the comfort level our customers deserve, so T&C has taken the initiative to provide that extra peace of mind.