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Vessel Design

Accurate design is essential to creating top-quality products. Our team assists you every step of the wayPremium Stainless Steel Vessels to ensure the final product meets all of your requirements.

There are many critical design elements to take into consideration in order to maximize product efficiency. We thoroughly explore all options to find the best possible specifications for your individual needs—from choosing the proper materials for maximum product compatibility and corrosion resistance, to supplying sufficient heat transfer to properly heat or cool a vessel, to constructing the ideal agitation system to mix your product.

T&C recently upgraded our state-of-the-art computer design equipment to include the SolidWorks 3D CAD program. It simplifies the planning and approval process, while enabling us to quickly transform your ideas into great products. The detailed 3D models and drawings we provide show each aspect of your vessels so you can be certain that your requirements are adequately met. In addition, we can provide them in a format that allows you to “plug in” your tank models and drawings to a larger scale 3D layout to show the entire scope of your project.

Premium Vessels

Our ASME certified engineers are trained in the superior welding and finishing techniques necessary in the highly specialized field of vessel creation. Whether you need a standard 2B or #4 pharmaceutical finish, a mechanically polished 400 grit "mirror" finish, or even electro-polish for maximum corrosion resistance, our team has the unique technical skills and experience to create the best vessels at the right price.

Stainless Steel Solutions

T&C uses only top-quality components and products, and our full-service machine shop can produce custom items on demand. Some of the products we fabricate and/or install include:

  • Manways

  • Dished, Flat, and Conical Heads

  • AgitatorsStainless Steel with Pharmaceutical Finish

  • Ferrules

  • Flanges

  • Light and Sightglass Assemblies

  • No-foam Inlets

  • Heat Transfer Surface (Dimpled, Half-pipe Coil,

    and Internal Pipe Coil Styles)

  • Baffles

  • Shell Sections

  • Leg and Lug Supports

  • Tank Support Skirts

  • Outer Sheathing

  • Catwalk and Ladder Assemblies

  • Pressure and Temperature Sensor Housings